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How We Began Our Journey

Naturous began its journey with a family of five who believed in eating healthy and fresh off the farm. We started by sourcing from trusted local farmers in the country to help them economically while also raising awareness about healthy diet and the benefits of eating only organic food. After a few years in the business, we decided to expand and cater to our clients through both our physical and online organic store.

Eat For A Healthier Life

We believe that conscious consumers should eat for a healthier life to protect both the people and the environment.

100% Pesticide Free

We do not use any form of chemical pesticide for our crops to protect the environment and consumers from toxins.

No Artificial Colors

All of our products are absolutely natural and fresh off the farm. We do not use artificial colors for our products.


For ensuring the safety of the environment and consumers, we do not use GMO for food products.

Preservatives Free

Chemical preservatives are harmful for health and for the environment. All of our products are thus preservatives free.

100% Biodynamic

Not only are we organic, but we also limit our agricultural imports to be absolutely biodynamic for our environment.


How We Began Our Journey


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